Breffo Spider Podium: Unique Tablet, Smartphone Mount – CES 2012



Nick McMahon from Breffo joined us at the Live coverage. Breffo Spider Podium is a bendable / smart phone mount. You can wrap this around your device, then wrap a couple arms around another item like the back of a seat, or a place where you need to be hands-free.

Breffo has a one year as the flex cycles are tested to over 100. I talk about it on iPad365 – the best part is the rubber legs hold a device in place, so uneven surfaces are no problem for Breffo.

returns with a new improved version of the 2011 CES winning “SpiderPodium” mounting system for mobile devices that looks like a sized spider. In real life, it’s a practical and novel way to attached tablet or to almost any structure – vertical, horizontal or in between.

Get Breffo on Amazon

$19.99 for the smartphone, and $34.99 for Tablet. Also check out some of the stop-motion videos using Breffo.

Interview by Andy and Courtney of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.

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