Brody, Jayme talk Content Marketing and Merlot – #BWELA

Content Marketing and Merlot

Content and Merlot

Brody and Jayme join Jeffrey at ’s to talk about their podcast – Content Marketing and Merlot. This is a companion show to their daytime jobs as Marketing specialists. They started their podcast earlier in the year and are not quite on a regular schedule. However, Jeffrey offers some good advice for the new podcaster.

“We always felt like – between the two of us – sitting down at a bar having a good conversation.” Brody said. “We would just go and go and talk about marketing related things. That bantor back and forth in that bar style would fit really well. Even people that would join us in conversation say ‘You guys should start a podcast’…”

The show records in a wine cellar. The curators pick a bottle of wine, the duo sip wine and talk marketing. They are on the 6th episode, and they talk about their schedules.

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