#Bwe09 Day 2 – I got abducted…

This morning started late. For some reason (maybe the fact I didn’t sleep in 48 hours), I woke up at 10 AM. I don’t normally do that, but what is more interesting is I am in Pacific Time zone. So technically, I slept until noon.

I got up, worked on some stats and headed off to the South Hall in . I got registered and got a chance to really talk to some people. People like Hope from Windy city social and Rob from Wizzard.

Hope was very interesting for the short I talked with her. She shows me that no matter how many people say there are no more .com names, you can always find a .com to register.

The most interesting point of the day, though was I met Marla from d-vin-ideas and Brett from . Marla asked me: “You wanna get on a bus?” I said “Sure, why not!”. So I got on a bus.

Really. That was the conversation. But what I ended up getting was an experience.We went to see the Vegas campus of Zappos.

We got a tour of a pretty liberal company. Each area had warmth and teamwork involved. We got to see, take pictures, record video of the whole area. Best part is there was a lot to see, not just shoes.

Also met a lot of great and . Ryan from HubPages andDave Matthews (Gadget Guy) from Peoplebrowser for example.

Got back in time to check out Chris Brogan . He talked about how you help others in . Give, then give more. Bring wine to the picnic. Blog about someone and be selfless. We don’t read long-form anymore. Give ideas handles.

We want Disneyworld authentic.

The evening went by fast. Dinner with Andy and Simon from SimonSezIT. The trip over to the Bellagio for the TechSet party – I ran into Michael Butler from Mevio Music and Ryan from earlier in the day. But then it was back to the hotel to do some work on the website. So I walked back.

Stopped at Margaritaville to check out the band. But the walk otherwise was brisk and very impressive. Got back and dealt with Videos, charged everything back up and set up for tomorrow, which will be a long, but productive day.

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