#bwe09 day 3 – the expo begins

Started the day on a down note, the phone had some problems. A call to AT&T fixed the problem, but it made me late getting things going. Add to that a problem with uploading video last night and a show that is still in the prep area. Oh well, life doesn’t stop, so it gets left behind for now.

l_2048_1536_BF74AD4E-3436-484A-9B67-6BB10C45736C.jpegGet to the hall to the keynote with Richard Jalichandra from Technorati. He tala about the state of the blogosphere. Basically, where we are in blogging and where we are going.

Richard showed us the increasing numbers of bloggers and where they come from. He then says something that got me into new media to begin with.. One thing that still hits hard today.

Be Passionate.

20091016 016Next up: the panel keynote – the death and rebirth of journalism.Brian , Joanna Drake Earl, Jay Rosen and Hugh Hewitt are on the panel. Special media guest – Don Lemon from .

First point was the talk on the current news – like balloon boy. Don points out that with blogs, you hear about the event, but with a site like CNN, you get a full report.

Another point of new media – the ice age of Bloggers: Hitting the shelf where there will be too many to choose from for a reliable source.

The expo finally open, so myself and andy McCaskey started walking around. Talked to a few booths for more information.

Took in a session – to success. Sexy scotch tape.

Then it was off to the where I got to meet a lot of great people and the products of new media. Programs like camtasia, myPRgenie, yubby are just a handful.

20091016 025Angelo mandato did a piece on the blubrry player.

Some of the new media celebs are out. Watched on blog talk radio. was at the booth. is on blogworldexporadio, and the keynote was .

I took a little time to relax and charge the batteries. No, litterally. The was dying, the laptop battery was down to nothing and the camera was full with content.

Chris Pirillo

20091016 034I am not sure what happened, but I think I sat down before they had someone at the door. The floodgates opened and the room filled in a heartbeat.

Leo talked about new media and their direction. he discussed how hard it was to get a podcast noticed and advertised. Leo then showed off the new avenue of TWIT. A roku box with push content to the show. An amazing conversation.

20091016 043The evening was a whirlwind of fun. Dinner with Andy Mccaskey, then off to blubrry for the nightly party. Many different celebrities in the new media area. Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda from Chad Vader, Grammar Girl, Michael Butler to name a few. Elvis was there, too. He’s smaller than I expected.

The rest of the night was consumed with drinking and networking.

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