#bwe09 day 4 – Anthony Edwards first tweet

Got up. Showered. Shaved. Walked to convention center.

Then I woke up.

20091016 056The opening keynote jumped us into gear. A panel of Andrew Edwards,Robyn Antone, Mark Gross and Jermaine Durpri. The subject: Celebrities and Social Media.

Really great discussion about how they look at social media. Anthony Edwards promoted his efforts in Africa. Jermaine talked about how he talks with people until they show that ended with Anthony Edwards making his first ever.

Took in some sessions. Flash animations was a great show. We learned how to make the podcast lively with flash video. Different approach to casting.

20091016 002Cali Lewis was next as she talked about and green screens. She, along with her producer Neil, showed off the cameras they use and how they produce video for Geekbrief.tv.

The day then took me to walking the floor and talking to various bloggers and . That is, up until 1:45 PM when it was time to show my Wisconsin skills and eat a 1/2 lb Fatburger. We were the winning team of the weekend, as not only I finished the burger, but 10 others completed the massive consumption. This included Maria – the only female that did it all weekend. She did it with grace and distinction.

More walking of the floor as I ran into Cali again, then stopped by the booth. It’s cool to see those guys do well, especially since they are from my neck of the woods. Season 2 is almost over and they are planning for Season 3 already. Awesome!

By 3 PM it was showing that the conference was wrapping up. You could see people packing up their booths and crews starting to knock down the exhibit. But the day wasn’t over.

20091016 005Sat in a couple more sessions. and Rob talked about getting your podcast cataloged. Sat in on a WordPress session, too. All in, a great day. Time for Guy Kawasaki and the key note with , and Aaron Yonda from Chad Vader and Jenny Lawson, the Bloggess.

It was a different keynote as it was more of a talk show than a keynote. Very open – of course if you’ve seen Kevin Pollacks’ show, you know what could happen. Yes, the Larry King game was played. Matt Sloan did an awesome job with it.

20091016 018Jenny the Bloggess was the surprise for me. I did not hear of her until now and her interview was pretty funny. She tried to to get the Bloggers to tweet that Vegas has turned into Zombieland. Mmmmm, brains…

The show was awesome, but now it’s over. At least the conference. There was a lot more to happen during the evening. It all started at the Pool of the Hilton. Good food, drinks and more talk between the bloggers.

It was then downstairs to the casino where the party continued. Never thought I would be seeing Karaoke in the Star Trek area of the Las Vegas Hilton. I suppose I never thought I would be singing Karaoke in the Star Trek area of the Las Vegas Hilton. But I did. Queen – Somebody to Love. It was by request of Todd’s Mother – a Podcaster herself – of the Chericast.

20091016 061

What a great evening. What a great weekend. I met a lot of great people and did a lot of cool stuff. This is my 3rd time in Las Vegas – more as a participant – but I did get a lot of work done. Created a lot of video that I won’t probably be able to get ready until I get back, but once I get home, it will be processed.

BTW – this is the last picture I took of the evening. I don’t know why an orange was in the middle of the Hotel floor, but there was a woman sleeping just about 30 feet away. Guess she lost her key or something…

20091016 078So now it’s time to relax in Las Vegas for the next 24 hours. Safe journies home, everyone.

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