#bwe09 day 5 – the unofficial post blogworld


Well, whereas most people were getting on and shuffling home to their families, some of us stayed the extra days to enjoy the sites, sounds and . That, and it was a special deal if I left on Tuesday instead of Sunday.

The day started at 10 am as I woke up from a very hard . I shuffled downstairs for a little while because the local fox affiliate had the Giants game on. Of course, I wanted to watch a bit of the Packer game.

By halftime, I knew this game was done, so I went back up to my room to and work. It’s an interesting multitasking function for you need mad skills to do it. Nonetheless, I finished uploading pictures and blog posts from the previous day.

The afternoon was mostly sight seeing. I walked down the main strip and back. It’s amazing how heat with little humidity can not make you sweat as much.

I got back to the room after dinner and started to get some more work done. That is when I found out, via Twitter,  a group of people were still around and wanted to get together for dinner. I already ate, but could use some . Therefore, I headed over to the Hilton for a little .

IMG_0518We deemed it the “unofficial Post blogworld tweetup”. It consisted of from Zaneology, Wayne Sutton, Edward , Kate Buck jr, Jen Wojcik and Nichole Simon. We talked about Blogging, Tweeting, Bumping (the Application, that is), Tattoos and SXSW.


The reason why on Tattoos is because Ed has a WordPress Tattoo on his arm. He had a few, but this one was the coolest, in my opinion. And unlike the Zune guy, he’s not going to get rid of his tattoo.

We finished our , the staff kicked us out of the Buffet, and that brought me back to the Hotel. I found out that the A/C – which I haven’t used all week – actually doesn’t work too well. It’s kinda loud. It wasn’t really hot in the room, but slightly uncomfortable. I ran it for about an hour, then everything was fine.

What a great day it turned out to be. I met some great people, learned a few more tricks and got work done. One more day, then I close the books on #BWE09.

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