#BWE09 – Touring Zappos

On the first day of , I headed to South Hall, got my badge, then – since I didn’t have the full pass and couldn’t watch on day one – sat outside talking to the people to see what was going on. I ran into Brett from Mashable, Marla and Liz. They were congregating, talking about going somewhere. I thought it was just going to lunch at first, but when the bus showed up, I knew there was something more.

IMG_0402Zappos sells online. They also sell other items like handbags, clothing and housewears – but they are known best for the . So it was exciting to see a company that relies solely on the internet to build their business. After all, many other companies started with a physical store.

On the bus I met a lot of great people. Ryan – from Hubpages – was the first. Paolo from Microsoft, Shauna from Social Media Club, Sarah, David and a lot others.

IMG_0416We got to the campus in Henderson and piled into the lobby. We were met by Rosie – the Jetsons’ housemaid – who for some reason was a coffee machine. They had Sphinx and Pyramids and… POPCORN!

The tour was a lot of fun. I could talk about it, but I made a video. So check it out:

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