C. Crane GeoBulb Now Use 7 Watts of Power; MR16 Uses 2 Watts – CES 2010


Last Year at CES, we talked to C.Crane. We learned that they made more than – Which included a great new idea in LED Lightbulbs. The price point was a little high, but the bulbs were pretty darned impressive.

geobulbThis year, C. has come back with better bulbs and a better price. talks with Jessica once again on the C.Crane GeoBulb. This year the price is at $69.99, down $30 from last year, but if you think about it, the price will cover any electricity and bulb replacement costs. Plus they have a 5 year on the bulb.

C.Crane also showed off the MR16. It’s a low voltage tract lighting system bulb that will replace a 20 watt with 2. Those cost $49.95, but as the web site says:

*An incandescent or halogen bulb costs: 8736 hours in a year X 20 Watts X 5 (years) = 873,600 Watt hours (873.6 kWh) @ $.12 KW = $104.83 in electricity saving plus the cost of replacing four bulbs per year for five years (20 bulbs) @ $7.95 = $159.00 for a total cost of$263.83. Your savings will vary according to your local electricity costs.

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