Canon VIXIA R42, R40, R400 with Remote Streaming

Canon Vixia HF-R40

Canon Vixia HF-R40

I met up with Ben Thomas of Canon to find out what the new line of were this year. Ben showed me the HF-R series including the VIXIA R42, R40 and cameras. These cameras come with an improved for low-light situations and can connect to Wifi like the to upload.

The also has the ability Stream Video to Device for recording and monitoring. By downloading the Camera Access app from the store you can view the video on an or Android device.

The HF-R series also has 53x Advanced and a so you can bring the camera up close and still get everyone in the shot.

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The VIXIA HF-R series will start at $299 for the HF-R400, $399 for the R40 and $499 for the R42.

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