CastIV Sidekick iPod, Android, Tuner Mount – #CES 2012

Castiv Sidekick


Geared toward the musician, the CastIV sidekick allows you to put your or iPod in eyeshot so you can practice your tunes. Even a Korg guitar tuner fits well in the sidekick. Just place the belt on the strings, push together and clip with the mount.

If you would rather have the iPod, device or iPhone on your microphone stand, well, they make an interchangable clip so you can cuff it on the stand, put the device in place and start playing.

For those or other tablet owners out there, you can also get the Tab station – a mount for your that connects to a tripod or microphone stand.

The Guitar Sidekick and smart station are $24.99, with the Tab station for $34.99

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