CES – Day 4 p.1 Blogging from NBC Universal

Well I didn’t expect this to happen, but when we got to today, our first order of business was to interview Jon Accarrino with NBCUniversal. What turned out was not only the interview with Jon, but also Bill Hartnett. We talked about their little Blogger lounge and how has contributed to this new media. Andy interviewed the event on the Primary channel, and I took Backchannel .

The best part is the fact that Jon set me up with a station where I could not only upload the Video in , but also put up this . Therefore, I am sitting in this comfortable chair connected to a real pipe (300 MB Video was posted in no time flat). Sure beats the 170 minute upload at the Hotel.

I also met Jim Turner and Rick Calvert from Blogworld. They are interviewing Jon as we speak. People around are watching previews of the Last House on the Left and Bourne Trillogy as well as playing on the Microsoft Surface.

Amazing things in .

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