CES – Day 4 Part 2

The morning edition was a great way to start the Day. Being able to upload content and write an article right from the floor was exciting. It was also great to meet the people behind the company.

I joined back up with Todd and Andy at the Verizon booth. They just finished with HP and an independent company, then we were on the go. I did some back channel on in-win cases and the Aiptek booth (because the camera I used at CES was an ). From there, we talked with the guys at in where we learned on what’s going on with WiMax.

The show really started to look like it was winding down as people were starting to pack up. We stopped at the Nokia booth where there were a lot of people watching the N97 demo. From there it was to OOMA, where they did an interview and I did some on the 3-D .

Finally, it was off to International CES – where companies from Taiwan, China and Hong Kong sell there brands and technology. We saw a cool guitar lamp in the walk through, as well as many with not well known brand names in the states. I did a spot on a box that acted as a – turning 1 machine into up to 30. After that, it was time to wrap things up and head out.

That evening, HP took us all out to dinner. It was a – I twittered the whole thing. Andru Edwards from Gearlive, Sascha Pallenberg from Mini PC Pro, Helena Stone from ChipChick and Ponzi Pirillo were some of the names at our table. I had some great with all of them.

Todd, Andy and myself went back to the hotel where we collaborated the video, pictures and more for the weekend. We then said our and went on our ways. I decided to try my luck on the machines – $40 wasted there. Nonetheless, here I am finishing this last post for the week. I have to board the shuttle at 3:20 AM and get to the airport for a 6:30 AM Plane ride home. Therefore I am staying up getting work done, then will be snoozing on the plane.

What a great week, and what an awesome place. For a city that is out in the desert, it is a wild excursion. Of course, you don’t need me to tell you that. What I will tell you is that I had a lot of fun working my tukus off for CES. I will proudly do it again next year.

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