Cliff Ravenscraft Talks Niche Podcasting, GSPN – #BWELA

Cliff Ravenscraft has been tearing up the Podcast space since he started back in 2005 with GSPN. He made shows for many different audiences. Times have changed, and he went from a paid model to free. He has done it all – and been successful. Currently, he has 15 podcasts a week with 6 co-hosts.

We talk about getting everyone in line:

“When I have a co-host, I bring them in via Skype.” says Ravenscraft. “The audio quality is a good as being in the studio almost all the time. I know that people say ‘Aw , it’s horrible’. Well, if you have a great internet connection on both ends, high end quality microphones on both ends, and a decent computer with good processing power, I will tell you right now – go to Balanced Living Weekly right now and click on the episode. You will be blown away to think Father Roderick is not in the studio. Instead he is in Holland.”

Business Tech Weekly, Balanced Living Weekly, Help! I got a Mac, Podcast Answer Man, Social Media Serenity, Mom podcast, faith podcasts, Twilight, Lost and many more podcasts are a part of the GSPN family.

We talk about how GSPN  works in more audio than video. “There are 127 million people driving alone to work, every day.” says Ravenscraft.

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