CordCruncher Keeps Headphone Cords at Bay – CES 2013


Wrapping your up can be a . I try to train my so they wrap up nicely in a loop but sometimes they don’t stay that way and I have to untangle. That is why I really like CordCruncher.

About CordCruncher

Cord is a different way to wrap up your headphones simply because they come with their own wrangling case. Pull them out and simply pull the headphones from the tube to extend. When you are done just pull on the tube to retract the cord. You can then wrap them around your wrist or put them in the bag.

The 3.5 inch headphone jack will connect with the other end so you can loop them up and snap into place. That is pretty ingenious!

CordCruncher comes in 4 and is available for $24.99 (


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