CyberClean Cleans Your Computer Keyboard and USB Ports – CES 2010


I think I did my first informercial….

A few months ago I heard about this product. Andy McCaskey talked about it on a holiday wish-list. Well little did he know that we were going to get not only a first hand look at this stuff that looks like Silly- Putty, but also do an interview for the product.

The product is called Cyber Clean. It’s a innovative way to clean the crud off the computer keyboard, mouse and even ports on a like a . The gelatinous substance gets in the cracks and crevices and takes the , dust, hair and other particles off your devices. It can be used many times, but it will tell you when it’s time to change when the color goes from a bright neon to a dark green.

Jeffrey Powers talks with Allen about this interesting product. Kara Karsten volunteers her Macbook to be the guinea pig for the video. They come in two – Home / Office and Automotive. Allen also mentions Cyber Clean is great for getting pet hair out of corners or even duct vents.

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