Data Robotics Drobo 8 Bay with iSCSI Support and Beyond RAID Technologies – CES 2010


I have salivated over for a few years now. on the desktop that is not a bulky is definitely something I geek out on. Therefore, when we saw Data Robotics Drobo, I had to go over and see what was new for this year.

The first drive is the 4 drive Drobo has a USB or Firewire solution for $399. The Drobo S is 5 bay with and Single or Dual drive redundancy so it could be shared between two people. The 8 Bay Pro is for a single server solution. It has iSCSI and direct attachment in.

However, the is my favorite. It’s an iSCSI SAN with support up to 16 . It’s a cost effective solution for $6,000 for any small business.

Jeffrey Powers talks with Jim over this storage solution.

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