Dave Peterson on Proliant G6 – HP Road Show Converged Infrastructure

Rethinking your server. Last year we saw how was working on redesigning to be more Energy-efficient with enough power to grow a , but not need any more room than what you currently have. Now it’s time to talk numbers: How upgrading your Servers can reduce cost in power, heat and even software license.

Dave at the HP Road Show Converged about the top reasons why people won’t upgrade a machine. Dave continues to show why those reasons are really not saving you .

Dave shows that within 12 months, you could payback your IT infrastructure by upgrading to G6. This video is the discussion on the new economic truths. Why you should give up that old Pentium III running in the corner for a machine that can run 11 machines in one.

Some of the that will be dispelled in this video:

  • We still have
  • Too busy to add management
  • Power and are killing us
  • Running older servers than deal with of upgrading network
  • We can’t grow without remodeling
  • We have to live with because of budget constraints
  • We run servers until they die – replace when needed

This video runs 37:40. Video by Andy McCaskey and Jeffrey Powers. In the next video, Jeffrey will sit with Dave and talk more about why you should be contemplating replacement.

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