Day 1 BlogWorld & New Media Expo

The first day of BlogWorld & New was powerful. This is the day to learn as companies like ProBlogger and ReBlogWorld, as well as the medical and military tracks bring out content and learning to all members. The by people like Scott Stratten, then a mid-day with Brian and Mark Burnett (, The ). Finally an interesting closing from Rohit Bhargava and Doug Ullman about how the Livestrong bracelet evolved.

I spent a good day talking with people. I sat with to get ready for our session on Friday. Ran into Steve , where we looked at how the Zi8 cameras can be used for getting quick content. I ran into a couple Madison – local new media people. I said hi to and met a bunch of new ones.

The afterbar parties are what really show the fun. BlogWorld had one at the Aria, while ProBlogger had a small party up in a suite in the .

We have the first part of the morning keynote – Scott Stratten with Unthinking.

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