Day 1 – HP Tech Forum Expo 2009

*This post will be updated several times in the day.

Got into Vegas last night at 11 PM. That was 1 AM my time. Went downstairs and checked out the nightly band (they play every Sunday and Monday) at . We also profiled the room, including 2 flat screen TV’s. This is what I am calling the “Bob Newhart” room.

8 AM: Met up with Andy McCaskey for breakfast and the Backchannel daily.

9 AM: Got to the conference hall, where we met Rebecca Taylor, Halley Bass and Tom Augenthaler from Buzzcorps. We also caught up with John Obeto, Pitman. We walked around the Show floor.

10:30 AM: Met up with Calvin Zito. Went to the main hall where we saw the behind the scenes production it takes to present a key note.

12:30 PM: Lunch at Mahogany E. We talked about how bloggers and other new can be utilized by bigger companies. Bridging the communications . We talked extensively about old ways vs. new.

2 PM: had a firewire drive crash on him. Therefore, we went out to Fryes. Big at the front of the store. It was my first time in a Fryes. Verry impressive.

3:30 PM: Met up with Kara . Walked with Brian Cox back to the Registration area. Talked about and the future.

4 PM: Set up for Keynote – This will be on a separate entry.

7 PM: Dinner in the Hall, then it’s off to the room for editing and uploading

8:30 PM: Tweetup. Met up with Nina or Sizzle and Steak (don’t ask). Andy, Kara and I did the daily wrapup and I also did wrapup for TVazine.

2 AM:
Uploaded all content for the day. I think Andy is doing his podcast right now. Doesn’t matter – it’s Vegas. Who sleeps?

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