Day 1 – HP Tech Forum Expo 2009

*This post will be updated several times in the day.

Got into Vegas last night at 11 PM. That was 1 AM my time. Went downstairs and checked out the nightly band (they play every Sunday and Monday) at Mandalay Bay. We also profiled the room, including 2 flat screen TV’s. This is what I am calling the “Bob Newhart” room.

8 AM: Met up with Andy McCaskey for breakfast and the Backchannel daily.

9 AM: Got to the conference hall, where we met Rebecca Taylor, Halley Bass and Tom Augenthaler from Buzzcorps. We also caught up with John Obeto, Shane . We walked around the Show floor.

10:30 AM: Met up with Calvin . Went to the main hall where we saw the behind the scenes production it takes to present a key note.

12:30 PM: Lunch at Mahogany E. We talked about how bloggers and other new can be utilized by bigger companies. Bridging the communications . We talked extensively about old ways vs. new.

2 PM: had a firewire drive crash on him. Therefore, we went out to Fryes. Big at the front of the store. It was my first time in a Fryes. Verry impressive.

3:30 PM: Met up with Kara . Walked with Brian Cox back to the Registration area. Talked about and the future.

4 PM: Set up for Keynote – This will be on a separate entry.

7 PM: Dinner in the , then it’s off to the room for editing and uploading

8:30 PM: Tweetup. Met up with Nina or Sizzle and Steak (don’t ask). Andy, Kara and I did the daily wrapup and I also did wrapup for TVazine.

2 AM:
Uploaded all content for the day. I think Andy is doing his podcast right now. Doesn’t matter – it’s Vegas. Who sleeps?

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