Day 1 of NAB 2014 – Cases, Lights and Streaming Boxes

NAB Show

NAB Show

Day 1 of the NAB show expo was informative and eye-opening. As a video podcaster, I checked out a lot of great items and new ways to create content. My first travels went to the North hall which saw a lot of broadcast specific items. These were hardware and software solutions which would cost broadcasters $10,ooo or more. While these are not things a normal podcaster would invest in, I still got to understand how things like closed captioning, satellite feeds, multi-studio broadcasting, and more worked.

Central hall brought products I could sink my teeth into. I started with a company that produces camera teleprompters. This is something I see more home creators get into. You can set up an with software, then place it in this device to read during your show. Control the speed with an app or wired remote.

I got to meet Paladin – a streaming box company. Their small form factor PC can do live streaming, post production and more. Load Wirecast, Livestream, or just hold a Hangout using this box. Attach multiple cameras with the SDI card included and control the device using your iPad. They even had a solution for streaming with Google Glass.

I learned a little more about lights as I was still trying to find a good solution for my camera rig. Rotolight had awesome camera and studio light solutions. I learned how 140 degree light patterns can illuminate the whole shot, rather than a focused area. I also learned that dimming a light might not be the best thing for flicker can occur.

Finally, I got to play with a lot of camera stabilization devices. The M5 from Freefly was one of those devices. They also had aerial drones and remote controlled camera vehicles which can drive up to 50 MPH and get the shot.


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An overall great first day at NAB for me and a lot of cool videos of products that are affordable and will help with your efforts. More coming from Day 2 as I cross into South hall and expect to really get my hands dirty.


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