Day 4: Microphones, Sliders, Recorders – NAB 2014

Final day at NAB. This is my chance to get around and catch the interviews I missed before. Especially for those audio podcasters out there.

I’m intrigued how radio broadcasting is further from audio . Sure, you can get a radio mixer for a podcast but it would be a little overkill. Still, there are some who like sliders over dials – and are willing to spring for the good stuff if it makes their podcasts better.

Omnirax office furniture

Omnirax office furniture

Omnirax Broadcast Furniture

I spent some time talking with Phillip of Omnirax – a company that creates furniture for the broadcaster. We talked about how a podcaster, videocaster, or even voice-over artists could use a well organized desk setup for their recordings.

The desk I was at felt good to sit at and record. I was able to get up to the microphone and talk – even be able to bring a guest or two on.

They make furniture for all types of broadcasters. Starting at $500 you can get solutions that a lot of radio and TV stations are using.

DPA d:fine microphones

DPA d:fine

DPA Microphones

I looked at a lot of microphones, but this company really caught my eye. DPA makes handheld, lavalier, podium, boom mics and more. We checked out the new d:fine 88 and 66 headset microphones with adjustable and modular bases. You can unplug the mic from the cable if you need to replace. The connectors are gold-plated so you can also turn the microphone if you have to switch from left side to right.

I checked out all their microphone solutions in the booth. For under $800, you can really step up your game.

Digital Jukebox for Recording Soundclips

Joe at Digital Jukebox showed me some software meant for the radio station, but also geared toward a podcaster. The software starts at $349 and allows you to turn the computer into a tape cart. Sort all clips and music into groups for easier selection.

For the podcaster you can record interviews then edit clips into their own container. When you are putting together other shows, you can use those soundclips to enhance the current show.

The $500 version of software also allows you to put categories together. If you run commercials in-between your content, this is perfect for inserts.


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Tascam 60D


Tascam 60D and Zoom H6 Recorders

I stopped by the B&H booth to check out some of the microphones and recorders for cameras such as my video camera for 2 or more channel recording. They had both the Tascam 60D and Zoom H6 recorders on hand.

The Tascam 60D is a device you fit between the camera and tripod shoe. It connects up to 4 input devices so you can get the interview or mic a room. This device runs on 4 – AA batteries which can power the device for up to 4 hours. You can use +48 for those microphones that need it.

Zoom H6

Zoom H6

The Zoom H6 was more versitile. It can collect up to 6 inputs along with a modular on-microphone system. The Zoom H6 comes with cross-mics, cardioid capsule, or boom mic. You even get a dead cat to reduce wind noise.

The H6 is more pricey at $399. If you do multi-person recordings or mic up acoustic musicians, this device is well worth the price.

RedRock - One man crew

Red Rock Micro- One man crew

Red Rock Micro’s: One Man Crew

When I saw this slider, I started geeking out. The One Man Crew is a arc slider which can move to get a different angle shot of the host. This slider can be controlled by an app so you can truely be a one-man production crew.

I could see this in my studio – moving from side to side as I go from one story to another. It would definitely spruce up my video.

Wrap-up of NAB 2014

Ultimately I created over 20 videos of products that either focused on the podcaster/video podcaster. I got a new idea of how podcasting can really disrupt the broadcast arena.

I ran into many friends and made even more. I was surprised how many people came up to me and said they watched my shows. It makes me proud to meet those who listen but don’t come forward online. I can put faces to my shows.

That is all from Las Vegas. Thanks to my sponsor – OWC – for making this trip happen! Thanks to Tony Hsieh and their crew for helping me find a place to stay in Vegas. Thanks to Skechers for comfortable shoes. Most important – thanks to NAB for letting me come report and learn from their event.

Video interviews to come…

Videos recorded – 25

Cards collected – 59

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