Digisafe DiskCrypt Mobile DCM300 Gives You a Fully Self Encrypted Portable Hard Drive – CES 2010


In roaming the halls of the International , you can find some cool little items that are innovative and thought provoking. Take the Digisafe, for example – It won an for their product. A device that I even could see needing back in the day when I worked in a higher security job field.

diskcryptThe product in question is the Digisafe DiskCrypt Mobile. At , it looks like a keypad, and that would be correct – except you are getting into your data instead of your home. And you set the encryption level.

Jeffrey Powers talks with Jimmy about this great product. In order for you to access the drive, you have to insert a smartcard, then you have to enter a pin on the drive. The pin can be as easy or hard as you want for you can increase and decrease the encryption level. The keypad on the device protects you from keyloggers – for they cannot find out your pin through the computer.

The price point is pretty low, too. $199 for the enclosure and you can get completely protected. This is perfect for those who need DOD standard protection for their data. Now if they only made a that would do the same thing…

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