Digital Jukebox Button Broadcaster for Organizing Audio – NAB 2014

Radio programs use cart to keep audio files organized. A solution allows for more than just what a cart can hold and everything at a person’s fingertips. Even with some people use cart software to organize and keep clips at hand. is cart software that does a lot more.

I got to talk with Joe over how Button Broadcaster works. Basically, the software allows you to put audio files in a 49 square area. You can organize those from intro music to quick quotes, effects, and more. On top is another series of buttons which bring up another set of buttons to use.

On the left is the list. Items that you have queued up to play. They can be single items or category list items. Therefore you can play 3 songs and come in to talk. You can bunch up commercials so you know how long that quick bathroom break can be.

When the week is out simply call up the log and see what you did.

Joe told me more great options and why an audio podcaster might really like this software. For example, Button Broadcaster has a record and edit feature. You can get on the phone with someone and do an interview. Once the interview is stored you can edit out quotes and put them into their own button. You can run those at will or put them into a collaboration category.

Button Broadcaster is great for not only podcasters and radio but also for DJs, amateur broadcasters, Sound effects boards for anyone, building announcement systems, and more. If you have a small business – instead of paying for music to play overhead – make up ads and offers to play on the speaker system.

Button Broadcaster works with Windows machines. They offer a 30 day free trial at DigitalJukebox.comPrices start at $345 to organize your clips, sound effects and music.


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