Doug Outhout Answers What is Converged Infrastructure – #HPDiscover 2011

Doug Outhout

Doug Outhout

Five years ago, to put a project together was a pain. You had to figure out the servers, what type of network connection you need and how it was going to be programmed. Sometimes you got the project out on time and had little change. Other times, parameters changed, dates got set back and even the project didn’t finish.

So to counter, developed . This is a system that will help you get your project completed as quick as possible. Jeffrey Powers talks with Doug Outhout, Vice President of Converged Infrastructure and Alliances Marketing , on why you would need it.

“It really comes down to the fact, when all the systems were being developed 5 years ago, they were developed in silos” Doug states. “When you deployed, you picked the pieces you need to deploy the right size, scale for the application. What that did was it gave you the system, but it was fragile, very rigid. When it was deployed, it was for the worst case. You put a lot of overhead into it to make sure it doesn’t go down.”

Doug talks about how Converged Infrastructure can “Right size” and scale as you need it. Virtual connect can reprogram the network as the project changes. Add more capabilities if needed – as well as take it away. Buy what you need, then pay as you grow.

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