Dr. Natalie Petouhoff talks Like My Stuff, Social Media Club – #BWELA

Dr Nat News

Dr Nat News

Dr. Natalie Petouhoff joins Jeffrey Powers on ’s to talk about two things. First of all, we talk about her new that is coming out soon called “Like my Stuff”. A about putting your store on your Facebook page.

“How do you take Facebook beyond the ‘Like’?” Dr. Natalie states. “Brands have messed up the like button. In order to enter the store or page, you have to like the brand. There is sort of a propencity to buy if you like or follow a brand or use their coupons, some brands are saying ‘Dr. Natalie, are we selling cans of soda? What are we doing here?’…”

We talk about how to put your store into Facebook. For $20 a month you can have someone populate your store with products.

We also talk about . Dr. Natalie is president of the Los Angeles chapter. They have several meetings using their members to speak. Check with the Los Angeles Social Media Club for times.
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