Dyyno Announces dUb for EZ Grabber



Vamshi came onto the Live show to talk about Dyyno. This is a portal that allows you to create and broadcast high-quality video. Dyyno to PC or Roku, giving you multiple ways to broadcast and monitize.

During CES, Dyyno announced Dyyno Universal Broadcaster (dUb). A system that works with Geniatech’s EZ Grabber for easier broadcasting. Therefore, you can connect your camcorder to the USB converter and push your video.

“We are here to revolutionize how the video is streamed” Vamshi states. “Everything from capture of the streams, to distrobutions, social sharing on Facebook and Twitter. That is one part of the cycle. The other part is how many people are watching the analytics. Most of the broadcasters want to accomplish either promotion or monitization.”

Interview by Tom Newman of Fogview Podcast

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