Emergency power to cell phone with YoGen, the Yo Yo Generator – CES 2010


It’s called the Yo Yo Generator for you get a box with a string and a cord to your phone or other device. But this product does more than hours of playtime and a few cool tricks. It allows you to charge the for emergency use, or if you are close to dead and not near a power outlet.

Best part is you don’t have to charge anything. Therefore it can sit in your emergency bag for when you really need it. Plug in the device, pull the cord and charge your phone, MP3 player or other device. It charges as fast as a regular charger would, so about 5 minutes of pulling on the cord should get you enough battery to alert someone where you are.

In this Video, Jeffrey Powers talks to YoGen and finds out how this product can really help you in a tough situation.

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