Eye-Fi Sends pictures to the Computer, Flickr and Geotags – CES 2010


If you have a Wireless Network available, wouldn’t it be cool to take a picture and have it instantly on your computer and up to at the same time? Wouldn’t it be neat if you had “Endless Memory”? Well that is what Eye Fi does.

Endless Memory is a new functionality that Eye-Fi enables. Once the Eye-Fi fills up, the card will instantly start deleting the oldest pictures that have been uploaded to the computer. That way, you will never have to delete pictures from your card again. And best part – those will be up for the world to see instantaneously.

Andy McCaskey talks with Stephan about the Eye-Fi card and how this can streamline your taking process. Prices start at $49, so it can be a very affordable solution. Stephan also talks about how a picture can be geotagged, so you know where it was taken.

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