Findmespot GPS Locator from DeLorme


If only had this on the island -Send a text when there is no cell signal.

Delorme and SPOT LLC created a to introduce the  The DeLorme Earthmate® PN-60w with SPOT Satellite Communicator. It is the world’s first handheld, GPS and Satellite communications device.

The device will capable of sending text messages when you are out of range of cell communications. It is perfect for those who travel out of range for sport or for work. if there is an emergency, they still have a way to communicate.

Andy McCaskey talks with Caleb about the best of offroad communications. This device can send text to Facebook, Twitter and other . The price points are $549 for both, Spot device $169 with the DeLorme for $449. A subscription service will be needed, too.

Also find out about Emergency team tracking.

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