Fisher Price Kid Friendly Kid-Tough DVR Hands On – #CES 2012

Fisher Price

Fisher Price

A handheld on the go? Yes. One for kids? Absolutely – and one tough enough for kids.

This might be something you want to get for the kids so they don’t miss their . Fisher Price was at to debut and talk about their Kid-Tough DVR. This is a rugged DVR that can hold their in the unit. The 3.5 inch has interactive menus so the kids can find their shows, or pause, stop, and forward through .

To add content on the DVR, all a parent has to do is connect it to the TV, then program show recordings up to 24 hours in advance.

The Kid-Tough DVR is expected to be out in June for around $150. The unit will come with charger and dock (rechargeable battery brings 4-6 hours of ). You can get in of blue and pink, and there is a micro-SD slot to bring 32 of memory into the device.

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