Fitbug Orb – Activity Monitor: Track Your Steps, Sleep Patterns

Fitbug Orb

Fitbug Orb

For the last couple weeks I have been wearing a Fitbug Orb – a device that tracks my steps and patterns. I know a little more and have changed my activities for a more healthy lifestyle.

We all know that 20 minutes of heart-raising activity, three times a week will make us healthier. We also know that 6-8 hours of good REM sleep will relieve stress and heart health. But do we know if we’re achieving those goals?

A device such as the Fitbug Orb will help us understand these goals. We can then loose weight and live longer.

The Orb is a disc that you can wear on your body – via watch strap, clip or just in your pocket. The orb communicates via iOS device and certain Android devices via bluetooth. Simply press the button to transfer data.

When it’s time to walk, press the button twice and the orb will blink on 5 second intervals. Go for your walk, then when done, hold down the button to put the orb back in monitoring mode.

Sleeping is the same way. Press the Orb button three times and it will blink 5 times. When you are done sleeping, hold the button down to turn sleep mode off. The mode will also turn off if you move around a lot (appx 50 steps).

Disadvantage of the Fitbug Orb

The biggest disadvantage at this point is the Orb will not work with all Android phones. It will pair with Samsung devices, but not too many others. I have the new Nexus 5 and it won’t pair.

You can pair with any iOS device, Mac or PC with a 2-way bluetooth connector.

Overall – Fitbug Orb

After two weeks I can tell you I hit the 6,000 steps required when I walk half an hour in the day. I don’t make the aerobic stides either. I do have a decent sleep cycle – resting 85% of the night or more.

To find out more, visit their website at

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