Ford, Bug Labs Team Up for In-Car Modular System – TechCrunch Disrupt 2011 SF

It’s always great to meet up with the guys at Bug Labs. They have been making mobile modular devices for years. So when I heard that Bug Labs was working with , I was really intrigued. Peter Semmelhack was with K Venkatesh Prasad when I sat down with them.

The idea is simple: You need a module, you go to Ford and get one, then plug it in. You want to create a program that works in your car, program it and try it out.

The idea is to take the crowd innovation and bring it to a large and allow the manufacture to benefit. Taking the innovation pyramid and turning it upside-down. The ideas come from the customer – not always from the . You can have highly personalized experienced.

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For example, lets say you are a sports fan. You want to custom your car with your favorite teams. Add items – like customized GPS that sounds like your favorite sports star. You can get specialized scores for the sports you care about.

If you create modules, then you can share it online, R&D would be part of the community. Of course, if things change with time, you can adjust the program so it works for any new changes.

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