Ford: Focus Electric Vehicle – CES 2012

Ford Focus


While at , we stopped in and talked to the folks at Ford. Eric talks with Jeffrey about the Ford Focus Electric, and why you would purchase an all- over a gasoline combustion engine.

We talk about the internal , the interactive inside, sending routes directly to the car (a partnership with ), and more.

we focus on with the is the safety of this vehicle. Using over 50% of the body is high-strength steel. The battery is around this steel, which will protect you and the battery in case of a crash.

The Focus can be made 100% in the US. With the new Ford assembly line (a video I did last month), they can switch up any power train to build the car that is ordered by the customer. A major change in automotive assembly lines, which Ford is the first to do.

The best part is the Focus Electric will get you over 100 miles per charge. That, along with recycled bottles and rubber making the seats, floormats and gaskets around your car, this is a truely green vehicle for you.

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