Ford Mustang 2013 – Dave Pericak on What’s New [Video]

While in Portland, Oregon, we learned all the new features of the different versions of the Mustang for 2013. From the Shelby GT500, to the .

We look at the Front End with a prominent grill and the new on the GT which extract heat. The premium look takes out the black plastic, and replaced with standard on V6 and GT. The side mirror also has a projection lamp where the horse shows up.

The front of the vehicle contains signature lighting. Two LED strips on day and night.  The GT also has LED fog lamps. The rear has signature LED tail lamps. The center stock lamp changes color to a reverse light. The black panel ties the lights together.

Wheels: three brand new designs, with a total of 12 versions to choose from. This makes a car you can customize.

The customers asked to get Recardo , and Ford answered by making that an option to other .

Ford also added manual control for automatic cutomers to take over control. It will not second guess the driver. You can let it go up to red line before shifting – Ford will not assume anything. This will make for a better acceleration.

The GT will have a track package. Performance brake pads, large radiator, and other features that live in the Boss 302. Manual customers will also get hillstar assist. When you stop the vehicle on an incline, it will hold on to the brakes for up to two seconds, allowing them to engage the clutch.

The V6 performance package is added this year. GT suspension, GT brakes, union wheels and summer tires. So you can have fun with your Mustang.

The new Mustang track apps allows the user access to more information than they ever had before. How many G’s the car is pulling. Accelerations and deceleration. They even brought the Christmas tree into the car for convenience.

Overall, this new line of Mustangs looks impressive, and the sports car driver will have a lot of fun with the Mustang. I will have a first drive look of the Mustang in a future post on Monday.

For now, enjoy this video of Dave Pericak talking about the new Mustang 2013 models and features.

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