Ford: Power Of Choice – Sherif Maraky on Focus Electric, Advanced Lithium Batteries

Part one of this 5 part video series, Geekazine was invited to Ford motor company to talk about the new initiatives in and vehicles. Along with a series of other media professionals, we walked through the plant and got to hear from the executives at Ford about the Focus and C-MAX, along with how to charge these vehicles.

In this video, Ford Director of Electrification Programs and Engineering Sherif Maraky talks about the main points to Ford Electrified Vehicles. Faster charging, more performance and better experience. The Focus Electric will be available in 19 markets for $32,495 after federal incentives.

Sherif refers to the Power of Choice in the small car segment. This choice is important for people who have different lifestyles, driving habits, and affordability. The C-MAX is their 3rd generation Hybrid electric that gets better fuel economy.

“For a customer that buys this car, they just want better fuel economy. They don’t want to change their driving habits, they want to drive and go in the morning.”

With the different Lithium ION batteries, you can get a car that fits your . With Ford’s Advanced , one can get 25-30% smaller, 50% lighter and easier to package batteries. You can get more range from this.

Energy () of Ford vehicles on a Hybrid (that seats 5) will get better results over the Prius and over 500 or more miles than the Chevy Volt. With the new measure of efficiency, they expect over 100+ than the MPG equivalent.

Part 1 – Sherif Maraky on Focus Electric, Advanced Lithium Batteries

Part 2 – Eric Kuehn on Focus Electric, Car Maintenance

Part 3 – John Davis on C-MAX Hybrid and Electric

Part 4 – Mike Tinskey on Charging Hybrid, Electric Vehicles

Part 5 – Walk through Ford’s New Assembly Line Where Hybrid, Electric Cars Assembled


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