Ford: Power Of Choice – Eric Kuehn on Focus Electric, Car Maintenance

Part two of this 5 part video series, Ford’s Focus Chief nameplate Engineer Eric Kuehn joins on stage to talk about the Focus and how it changes not only how you fill up at the pump, but also how you maintain the .

Eric talks about who the customer is and their purchase decision. This is someone that has a “World view”. What can they do differently in not only around the world, but also in the local community.

Reducing carbon footprint, how they drive and a full experience. The driver doesn’t want to give up on the overall experience and something that was fun to drive.

The end result – a car that can get up to speeds of 80 MPH, and the horsepower to get them going. Also, an engine with fewer parts. No more oil changes – wipers, tires, and other maintenance issues are a thing of the past. They save time and money in keeping up a vehicle.

Eric also talks about liquid cooling. Making sure the most out of the battery.

In Focus’ interior, the car contains recycled bottles (including the bottles we drank out of that day). But if you look inside the car, you don’t see recycled bottles, you see a car that looked and felt comfortable in owning and driving.

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