FourSevens Flashlight MAELSTROM XM18 at 15,000 Lumens! CES 2013

FourSevens Maelstrom XM18


You might wonder why you would need a light running at 15,000 lumens. It’s great for a portable , but can also be a valuable life saver if you have it in your gear.

FourSevens is a company that makes . From the small pen lights to larger industrial lights. The Maelstrom XM18 is a brainchild of the (when they let them do whatever they wanted to).

The light is portable so you can use it for everything from lighting a stage to looking for a lost item. The XM18 has multiple light settings. 600 lumens, 3, lumens and 15,000 lumens. There is even a feature for emergency or dancing.

The XM18 is battery driven. 26 – 18650 with and sink.

The FourSevens XM18 Maelstrom costs $2,399. Other flashlights start at $23.99 (




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