GE Healthcare Reader, Capture Station, Quietcare Helps Patient from Home

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare

Scott from GE Care Innovations demonstrates multiple devices in the GE Healthcare area. A Healthcare reader, the Capture Station and the Quietcare. These are all technologies that can help with In-Home management for those who need it.

The Capture Station has a text-to-speech reader.  This is for those who are vision impaired to be able and read a document. The process time is about 15 seconds.

GE Quietcare is for medical staff to monitor and alert when someone is not doing their normal pattern. That way they don’t need to have a visit on a and the person can feel a little more free.

The Healthguide is a remote monitoring unit from home. The patient can then leave the hospital early and feel more comfortable to recover because they are at home.

I had a friend who got in a motorcycle accident a couple years back. This device would have been perfect, for he would have been out of the hospital and in his own bed a little quicker. Therefore, these products are not just for the elderly and their freedoms, it’s for anyone who has been set back by an injury.

Interview by Carissa O’Brien

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