Get a Digital Guitar and Game Controller in You Rock Guitar – CES 2010


If you need a guitar to work on new songs without disturbing anyone or need a for your or , then You Rock Guitar is for you. It’s a fully functional guitar that works for musicians and game aficionados. You can even record yourself using different instruments with audio sampling.

Jeffrey Powers talks with JR on this new product. Jeff plays a couple licks and shows off his monster skills – well, maybe not monster skills, but skills nontheless.

The You Rock Guitar is a fully functional guitar – with many different samples built in. You can choose multiple guitars sounds, or if you need to write for another instrument, choose what you need and strum away. With the USB and MIDI ports, you can bring in and take out to the computer. With the audio imputs, you can connect an iPod or and jam to a song.

What was pretty impressive is the You Rock Guitar is also a game controller. And it doesn’t matter the . You plug in a Gameflex cartridge and you can play Rock Band or Guitar Hero on your , PS3 or . game comes out – you get the new cartridge. Fully functional for all your rockin needs.

Another great addition to the You Rock Guitar is the for it. Become the next big game programmer or music composer with the You Rock Guitar. Develop a system that will teach everyone how to play guitar with an .

The You Rock Guitar was also featured on our live show at the NBC Universal Stage. Check it out.

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