Gibson Les Paul Guitar Robot Technologies in the Gibson Dusk Tiger Guitar – CES 2010


Last year Jeffrey Powers got to play the Gibson Dark Fire Self . He was rather pleased with how it worked and not having to tune a guitar again was a pretty nice thought. This year, Gibson was back and so Jeffrey was salivating to try the newest line.

The Gibson Dusk Tiger is the latest in robotic guitar technologies. Just like last year it had the feature of self-tuning, but this year it came with a – Changing the sound of the pickups. Within a flip of the dial, you could have Single coil or double, Humbucker or just make up your own pickup sound.

With the Chameleon software, you can not only make your own sound adjustments, but also share them out to the community. The LP-Z circuit will let you control how the sound gets to the amp – LP-Z being named after Les Paul for his legendary designs. You can choose a XLR or 1.4″ cable for maximum usage. Turn it on and get the sound.

In this video, Jeffrey Powers interviews AlJon on this great . He shows how you turn the pickup selector switch to move the pickups around. For $4,100 it is a great price for what it can do.

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