GiveEmThis: Using Social Media to Find Your Perfect Gift – TechCrunch Disrupt 2011 SF

Give Em This

Give Em This

Why is this guy giving out socks?

It’s not to help keep your feet dry, or to say you have stinky feet. Instead, it’s because of the site they put together called GiveEmThis. They are promoting the idea you might not get a tie or handkerchief set anymore. No more white elephants – only gifts you can use.

talks to Zach about this program:

There are too many flowers, too many socks, too many ugly ties they are giving out. We created Give Em this, which analyzes an individuals social media to recommend relevant products and gifts for them. We to and , then connect to Amazon to find the relevant products.

Their algorithm will find relational items. With 87% match rate, people can find a great gift for someone.

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