GoPano Panoramic Video from iPhone at #CES Unveiled



Check this out. There are many lenses which improve the camera. But how many turn your camera into a 360° image — or for that matter. That is what GoPano is all about.

GoPano is technically an iPhone case with an attachment. Attach the periscope attachment, and start up your camera. The attachment turns your video into a 360° image. If you go to the GoPano website, you can use their software to create video which can be moved around with the of a mouse, or finger.

Attach a to your iPhone, and you can create panoramic video of an event.

GoPano starts at $79.95, and is only in production with . However, the attachment is a simple – therefore, if you create a case for your , I wouldn’t be surprised if it worked very well. GoPano also has professional lenses for other types of .

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