GoToMyPC by Citrix: Remote Connect to PC, iPad, iPhone with 3G


Of course, GoToMyPC is a sponsor of Geekazine. But I do love this product. I am actually excited for all the lines of software – GoToMeeting, GoToAssist, GoToWebinar, and of course, GoToMyPC.

It’s what powered our backend at . I ran the Back Channel video through my PC at home. I used GoToMyPC to connect to my machine and organize the videos for you to watch.

The video enclosed, I show you how easy it is to install and run on PC, and iPhone with a 3G connection.

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The Advantages to GoToMyPC

The best part is you don’t have to take a computer with you. You could leave the desktop or at home. Turn it on, load up the desktop client (you will need to install ), then configure.

You will be asked to set up two . The reason why is because you can upgrade the client to a multiple PC connection. You can have 2-3 people connect to 2-3 different computers. The first password will be the general login, but the second will be to specific PC’s. That way, you don’t have others connecting to your machine.

GoToMyPC works on PC, iPhone, iPad, and devices. or 3G. I have been in some really interesting spots when I connect to my PC at home. I have been in where the signal from 3G to Edge, and hotels with sub-par connections.

The Virtual mouse really helps move around on the tablet or smartphone screen. The on-screen keyboard also helps to work on the PC.

I also found myself not getting another 3G source. I could utilize my home internet connection to do some of my tasks. And since those prices have also gone up in the last year, it really helps that I don’t have to spend more money to cover an event.

GoToMyPC on iPad

GoToMyPC on iPad

The Issues

So far, I don’t see too many issues with GoToMyPC. It’s all dependent on Internet connections, so if you at least have a decent home connection, then your experience should be fine. Besides that, I have never had a connection issue or not been able to get to my computers.

That says a lot for a program like this. I have thrown a lot at it, and it comes back with no issues. If you can connect via 3G at an event like Consumer Electronics Show (where wireless signals are as weighted down as a tank sitting on top of your bed), it should be able to handle what you throw at it.

GoToMyPC on iPhone 3G Connection

GoToMyPC on iPhone 3G Connection

The Verdict

It’s really simple. GoToMyPC works. I have many ways to connect to my machines set up with GoToMyPC, and I can utilize my home internet connection on the road. I save space not having to take another machine with me, and I save money not having to buy another WiFi card to get things done.

The Video

Want to see more on this review? Check out the video included!

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and sponsor of Geekazine. This does not sway any decision over the product.

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