Greg & Chris Tinker on HP Tech Support – #HPDiscover 2011

Chris, Greg Tinker

Chris, Greg Tinker

Being an IT Admin in my life, I know how tough it was to manage a one-man shop. Sometimes a problem would come up where I might not be able to solve it. That is why I would want Greg and Chris Tinker involved.

They are part of the escalation team. There are many levels in HP tech support (just like any other help desk). But the best part is these guys are there until the end. Doesn’t matter if it’s hardware or something else.

“We have the depth to bring to bear on a technical problem.” Chris Tinker says.

The two are principal debuggers. Their job is to mitigate the risk and get the system back online. After all, if you have a system down, you lose money by the minute. So their timetable is expected to be quick.

You need a technical advisor – most customers are going to require it – with and convergence,” says Greg Tinker. “the key point is now, instead of having 200 nodes (maintains , Oracle, etc), the impact now – you had 18 server arrays – now everything is on one storage array, one server. If you have a problem, it’s so complex, sometimes the IT staff does not have the technical expertise to debug and get it back online.” Chris adds “you can have 100 servers affected by this.”

Nowadays, if your company is online and you go down for a day, that is a major impact on your company. That is why HP has a team to bring it up. With the addition of EcoPOD, you have another option if you need to get services up and running as quick as possible.

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