Henge Docks: Docking Station for Apple Notebooks – CES 2012

Henge Docks

Henge Docks

This is a great docking station for those of you who connect a notebook to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. You can keep your cords in your bag, and you won’t have a clutter of wires on your desk.

Henge Docks notebook docking station allows you to plug in your  MacBook Pro (13,15,17in) and MacBook Air (11, 13in) into the sleeve. No having to plug in 4-5 items – once you slide the Macbook in, you can start working on the KMM.

The docking station has external USB, Firewire, Power, Video ports and more.

Henge Docks are on the market now and range from $60-$75.

Interview by Steve Lee of Waves of Tech


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