HomeGrid Forum: Innovations in Power over Ethernet (PoE), G.hn – CES 2012


Home Grid Forum

HomeGrid Forum is a group of members from around the globe. It was developed to support G.hn technology. This is a standard to use the existing wiring in the home. They work with AT&;T, , Marvell , and more.

For instance, you can plug a box into your plug outlets, and turn that outlet into a 1 network for internet, ,and more.

Of course, if you have an older home, your wiring may introduce signal loss. HomeGrid has accounted for that and allows for relaying – if there is a connection issue between two nodes in the house, they can use a 3rd node as a “relay” to get the data from basement to bedroom.

HomeGrid Forum has been working hard to keep up with your digital life. Like mentioned before, 1GB Power over Ethernet (PoE) networks through electrical outlets are a large boost in the last two years.

One video you might want to check out is Andy’s coverage of Powerline Wireless Routers from D-Link, using these technologies.

Interview by Jon of F5 Live for the TechPodcast Network.


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