HP Discover Announcement StoreOnce, Data Protector 7, VC Direct Attach

HP TechCast

HP TechCast talks about the announcements at HP Discover, including StoreOnce, Data Protector 7 and VC Direct Attach

On this episode of HP Tech Cast, Brad Parks, Gagan and Jay Levins join myself, Calvin , and a host of bloggers that included Ilja Coolen, Howard Marks, Herman , and others. They talked about the announcement of the new deduplication solutions for the HP StoreOnce Backup family at HP Discover. This is a way to enable organizations to manage risk as they deal with explosive data growth by protecting more data in less time.

The are the first to deliver of up to 100  (TB) per hour and data recovery of up to 40 TB per hour in a single system. This is up to 3-5 times faster than the closest competitor. The about how this becomes part of the infrastructure, as well as the reduced recovery time, increased productivity – using HP Data Protector 7 software powered by the
Autonomy Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), HP Virtual Connect and direct-attach FC for 3PAR with Flat SAN, and higher reliability and improved using HP Automated Network Managerment 9.2.

The bloggers ask many questions about these new advancements, including how the 100 TB backup will perform,if live vault is de-duplicated by StoreOnce, if 3-PAR supports NPIV, and more.

We have provided an audio AND of this Tech Cast.

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