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FlexCampus Wireless


During , we got to see how the people will access the . Of course, with a powerful backbone, you need a powerful wireless system so people can get content, including video.

That is why HP created FlexCampus. An 802.11n wireless system that can cover a room of 50 people all trying to access video, or a classroom . The FlexCampus comes in 2 versions, a 300MB and a 450MB . HP puts a 3rd spatial into their routers for up to 450 MB throughput performance, or up to 55 clients.
FlexCampus comes with software can manage the access points. You can control up to 200 at a time.
Prices start at $699 for the 300 MB version and $999 for the 450 MB FlexCampus. Both come with a lifetime warranty.
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