Hypershop: External Batteries for Your iPhone and iPad in Hypermac Mini, Micro and Nano – CES 2010


Running out of on your – and soon – can become a pain. You just want to get that one thing done and – as Scotty would say – “I just don’t have enough power, captain”. If you are in an important college lecture or business meeting, for instance, and forgot to charge the device the night before, this can become a real nightmare.

Enter in Hypershop. They have the Hypermac Mini, Hypermac micro and Hypermac nano to charge your different Apple devices. talks with Jennifer about these great products.


The nano is the smallest and most impressive. With 1800mAh, you should be able to get about 2 charges out of this device that is as small as a lighter. Compared to a (1200mAh), the Hypermac Nano will charge faster and give you at least one full charge, which is good for the battery.

The Hypermac Micro and Mini are great for Camping, Outdoor events, or the meeting or lecture that doesn’t have any access to a . The iPad battery is 25W, so even the 60Wh model should be able to give you a few more hours of work time.

Each battery is of Millitary grade and will be good for 1000 charges. Each device will even come with so you don’t have to move them around from one area to another.

If you don’t have an Apple product, that is O.K. Hypermac also makes a mini for your Blackberry, or any device with a .

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