Hypershop iUSB Port 2: Wireless USB – CES 2013 Live

iUSB HD Wireless


of Hypershop joins us on the Live TPN CES action. iUSB Port 2 allows you send items from a wirelessly. Three versions – A two- USB , the HD (Hard drive inside) and Mini version. Hypershop iUSB

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Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Scott Ertz of F5

Transcript of Episode:

JEFF: So tell us what you brought today.

JENNIFER: So we actually didn’t bring any batteries. So people probably know us because of the batteries that we do but we actually have a whole new line that does some Wi-Fi capabilities for all of your accessories. For your tablet, for all your . So what we have right here is the IUSB port 2. The about it is it has basically a built in battery and then a built in . So it has its own and what this is going to allow you to do is plug another, I mean if you want to go to the site click here, but it’s two usb ports so you can plug any into it and those usb items then become wireless through this device. The battery lasts about 8 hours and in terms of the amount of data you can transfer you’re looking at about 5 hd movies can be watched at the same time if you plug in a usb hard drive to it. Great example would be parents with their kids in the car. They probably want to put a hard drive on here with a bunch of movies and their kids could stream it on their tablets and on their cell phones and on their computers in real time without any buffering issues. You could also allow up to 12 people to access that at any given point and that’s 149.95 coming out in March.

JEFF: Fascinating. That’s pretty cool, I like that idea to be able to hook it up and share. So what else we got here?

JENNIFER: So, these other two items are along the same lines as the IUSB port, it uses that same technology. This one here is the IUSB port hd. It’s the same thing except it has the built in hard drive. This can hold anywhere between 500 megabytes up to 2 terabytes of space. It also has the built in SD slot so if you are a photographer you can put your SD card in here, it’ll read it and you can share that wirelessly as well.

JEFF: Pretty cool right there.

JENNIFER: Pretty cool and it comes in . . .

JEFF: Was that you Jack that just said huh?

SCOTT: That was me cause I was thinking wow that solves a lot of this problem

JEFF: That is true

JENNIFER: You could do the same thing with this if you have a large hard drive you can just plug it into it this as well. This one just happens to have one built into it. It does the exact same thing.

JEFF: Okay. And is this one out yet?

Jennifer Lynn iUSB

Jennifer Lynn iUSB

JENNIFER: All three are coming out in March of this year, March 2013. This is going to retail for 159.95 that’s for the blank case. You can install your own hard drive in it, we could also install one for you. So if you want a hard drive from us it can go up to 2 terabytes and that’s an additional charge as well.

JEFF: Depending on how . .

JENNIFER: How big it is. Yep.

JEFF: And the variance on the little one.

JENNIFER: Yeah, so this is kind of like the same concept with a flash drive. So this is a 64 gigabyte device that’s very similar to this one but the neat thing is that you can also plug it in to a computer.

JEFF: We’ll plug that to right quick.

JENNIFER: There we go. You can plug it into a computer and then the way that you make it wireless is you just hit this little wireless button. And this one’s a little bit cheaper, this one is more affordable at 69.95

JEFF: Alright

JENNIFER: But for people on the go that really want to bridge the gap a usb product and all of those devices that you take with you that are internet capable. You don’t need to use the internet to have these, you just need to be within range. So, theoretically if you’re deserted on a stranded island with your friends and you want to share movies or share music or share videos, you can do that with these. It’s not internet dependent. If you connect it to the internet you can then expand the amount of area that you can transfer those different kinds of files through.

JEFF: Is it just file transfer or can you like browse the web and stuff?

JENNIFER: You can stream. Uh, no these do not use the internet. This is not an internet device. So unless you connect it to the internet those items are not going to be available.

JEFF: Yeah but you could stream to another device or something like that?

JENNIFER: You could stream to devices. It is bidirectional. You can move things to it, you can take things from it. Most people when they are using this are going to use it on an iPad and you don’t want really want to put a movie on an iPad. You don’t really want to move stuff. Maybe documents but not so much movies or music necessarily. So, sure. Does that answer all of your questions?

JEFF: (laughs) Hmm, let me think of another question. So we have 159 for the big one

JENNIFER: For the IUSB port hd, that’s 159.95 for the case. The IUSB port 2 is 149.95. And the IUSB port mini is going to be 69.95.

JEFF: Alright. And they are all going to be available?

JENNIFER: In March. March 2013 approximately.

iUSB Lineup

iUSB Lineup

JEFF: Okay, perfect. Where do people go for more information?

JENNIFER: Yeah, you could check us out at www.hypershop.com

JEFF: Thank you very much.

JENNIFER: You’re welcome, thank you JEFFs enjoy CES.

JEFF: You too.


JEFF: Just go there now have you. Go that way, here we go.

SCOTT: I really like the idea of being able to do SD cards wirelessly. Especially here, we wouldn’t have to transfer cards all the way across the studio.

JEFF: Just put it in there

SCOTT: Plug it in over here, we could transfer the files and be done.

JEFF: And Michael Dell would be able to work a little bit better.

SCOTT: Exactly

JEFF: He’s smiling on that idea

SCOTT: No crawling across the floor for him which I think he would appreciate

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